Are Kettlebells bad for my back?

As a standard procedure all my clients are taken through an initial consultation before any training takes place. During this session we discuss short term and long-term health goals but most importantly where they’re at now and where they want to get to? We also go through diet and any injuries that may be present causing discomfort.

I then discuss training with kettlebells and its benefits. Hearing people say things like ‘I like training with kettlebells but…. “I get a sore back”, “they hurt my knees” or “aren’t they dangerous?” is very common. It really saddens me that people are frightened and discouraged by them, however, I can appreciate their concern.


My first kettlebell experience was unfortunately an unpleasant one. It happened at a well-known commercial gym with a Personal Trainer who asked me to perform kettlebell ‘swings’, clearly not instructing very well. I managed to hurt my back and was in pain for over a week. I’m sure this is very common and must happen all the time in the fitness industry. Is it normal? No. Should it happen? No. Is it acceptable? Definitely not! Choose a poorly trained kettlebell instructor and you risk not only the chance of severe injury, but risk failing to achieve the results you are looking for.

Kettlebell training is a very effective for total body strength and power, cardiovascular fitness, joint health, improved flexibility, fat loss, improved performance, and much, much more -if performed correctly!

Specifically, the kettlebell swing (my favourite) has been shown to be a proven exercise to improve, not only spinal strength, but spinal strength endurance, which is key in preventing the incidence of low back pain.

I did not go back to training with kettlebells until I attended a StrongFirst Kettlebell Workshop. StrongFirst is the world’s highest respected KB certification and I’m lucky enough to be the first Victorian and currently still the only woman to hold this illustrious credential. Now I LOVE KETTLEBELLS and I want to share the Love. Choosing a StrongFirst-Certified Kettlebell Instructor can save you frustration, money and time while ensuring you achieve your health goals for strength, weight loss, conditioning and better performance.

It is vital for any beginner to find a qualified kettlebell coach or mentor who can teach the fundamental movements, their progressions or regressions and safe execution.

Remember, Safety First! In the long run it’s worth your time and money to invest in a qualified kettlebell instructor who will do their utmost to see you succeed in your personal health goals.

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