Why Personal Training?

Personal Attention | Ongoing Motivation, Support & Encouragement | Efficient Use of Time | Focus on Technique | Accountability | No Wasted Time | Someone to Challenge You | Tracking Progress | Opportunity for Learning | Convenience of Place & Time



Our Method is Unique

Our method includes tailored training program based on the individual’s current fitness, strength experience and limiting injuries

We pride ourselves on prioritising correct execution of exercises, stressing SAFETY at all times. Safety is critical because injuries are a set back and can be avoided.

Our method of training is time efficient because we focus on getting the entire body working, utilising all major muscle groups.

Our training sessions are constantly evolving, non-tedious and engaging in order to keep you motivated, challenged and to avoid adaptation and plateau.

We will work on building body awareness in order to aid coordination in your workouts that will carry over to your daily life.

As you progress through your training, you can expect to get stronger and fitter in the process shedding excess fat, therefore becoming leaner and firmer. Your flexibility and agility will improve and you will become more resistant to commonplace injuries.